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iBridge puts patient pay estimates into motion the minute the appointment is made. iBridge helps with the insurance verification and provides more insight into benefits information. Patient insurance is verified and patient financial responsibilities are clarified so that both parties can go through the process with ease.

Role and Project Overview

Role: Research, UX, Visual Design

Key designer on the team. Conducted research and interviewed Infinx team, created wireframes, prototypes, assets for development team, and worked with development team to release the client workflow tool to the first test client.

Project Overview

This project is still ongoing as of today. The team has been working hard to implement the changes to the UI along with the backend as the way the information is processed has changed and this is not only a visual overhaul but also a new way of processing cases. 

Infinx's iBridge

Patient Access Healthcare Workflow Tool

Role and Project Overview

Insights and Discovery


One of the challenges for users with the current iBridge experience is the process of locating cases and completing the the task of processing the case.

The current process could be described as a "free-for-all" like experience, each user hunting through the list and searching for a case that has not been processed yet and is not currently being worked on. There is no specific order at this point and that is one of the most detrimental pain points for all parties. 

Original iBridge Queue





Client is a broad term, but as an example, iBridge serves a large radiology community.

Infinx Representative


Team members are devoted to accomplishing as many cases as they can in a given day.

Infinx Manager


Managers and supervisors are in charge of support teams that are broken into specific clients and the regions they cover. They are required to ensure the completion of tasks, provide tasks for their team, .......


The Audience

There are three main users of the NBA tool. The "first responders" known as CXC agents or the Customer Service Center Representatives, Techline Engineers, and Field Agents. They represent the various levels of support Whirlpool provides it's consumers.


We are currently still in the development phase. The handoff of initial assets happened a few weeks ago. Once the development team released the UAT site we began the process of providing feedback. The first client will be onboarded in upcoming weeks and once they the new site has been established, testing will begin.

Design check of development site

Zeplin for Specs

Current Site Under Development

Before and after the redesign




“Britta showed logical analysis

What I learned


I really enjoyed working with this very talented team. The team consisted of people from every time zone across the US and C

If I were...

If I were to have a chance to work on this project again I would do more extensive user-interviews at the beginning of the pro

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