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In 2015, IBM announced an inv

Role on the Team

Role: Research, UX, Visual Design (Remote Team)

The Connected Appliance team consisted of business analysts, data analysts, programmers, IBM


Project Overview


In order for Whirlpool to benefit from their newly designed connected appliance line they needed IBM to help an

Insights and Discovery


In order to be successful it was extremely important to take time to research and interview the current call center on the first attempt and will not need to try a slough of “possible fixes” before discovering the “one” that works. 


Typical style of dashboards for Whirlpool Agents

The Audience

There are three main users of the NBA tool. The "first responders" known as CXC agents or the Customer Service 

Call Center Agent


Pain Points  


As a CXC Agent, their main goal is to “save a call” and to eliminate any need to send out a service technician or parts. The agent’s initial workflow starts with the collection of personal information. T


Suggested Solution

The NBA system will help the CXC agent quickly determine the next best action the consumer should take to



Techline Technician


Pain Points  

A Techline Technician is a specialized call center agent who is trained to troubleshoot difficult appliance problems. They are typically referred to as the support call center for Whirlpool service technicians that are on-site. Techline's are trained on all appliances.



Suggested Solution

The Techline Technician requires more information to be accessible in order to assess the underlying problem that the on-site S



The project ended early, so han


“Britta showed logical analysis and problem solving skills when she worked with the business anal

What I learned


I really enjoyed working with this very talented team. The team consisted of people from every time zone across t

If I were...


If I were to have a chance to work on this project again I would do more extensive user-interviews at the

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