Whirlpool Case Study

Process and Development

Design Request and Solution


In order for Whirlpool to benefit from their newly designed connected appliance line they needed IBM to help analyze and display the information in a support portal. The new portal became known as the Next Best Action Portal, or NBA. 


IBM’s Connected Appliance team was asked to create three different interfaces that would meet the needs of the three support specialist personas. 


Initial sketches were done on whiteboards, which were quickly followed by wireframes in Illustrator. The final templates were created in Photoshop and were designed so that they could change, as needed, for future use cases.





Insights and Discoveries


In order to be successful it was extremely important to take time to research and interview the current call center agents. It was quickly discovered that the interface would be important for
future workflows and that the agents were enthusiastic about the NBA Portal.


By using analytics and sensors, the new portal will help the support agents and technicians eliminate previous issues with uncertainty and miss guided fixes. The consumer will see positive results on the first attempt and will not need to try a slough of “possible fixes” before discovering the “one” that works. 

Project Background

The Client


In 2015, IBM announced an investment in companies interested in solving problems through the use of IoT solutions. In a news release, IBM stated, “Whirlpool Corporation is leveraging IBM’s IoT and predictive maintenance and quality solutions to improve the performance and reliability of its appliances.” 


As the world’s leading appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool attracts some of the most innovative people to design and create state-of-the-art products. However, even with the most advanced technology, there is still need for maintenance and support.


In order to stay competitive, Whirlpool realized they needed a way to stay ahead of the curve and this is where IBM comes in.




The Team 


The Connected Appliance team consisted of business analysts, data analysts, programmers, IBM product engineers, and a visual designer.


“Each week there were a set of objectives that needed to be met to so that the next set of reviewers would be capable of signing off on it. Britta lead parts of the team discussions to make sure that any conflicts were resolved, that the uncertainty of the system running were lost...” —­ Project Manager and Business Partner, Michael Holton


The Users

There are three main users of the NBA tool. The "first responders" known as CXC agents or the Customer Service Center Representatives, Techline Engineers, and Field Agents. They represent the various levels of support Whirlpool provides it's consumers.



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