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Scout RFP

Scenario Builder, Analytics Engine

Project Details


Research, UX, Visual Design



  • Flows 

  • Wireframes

  • Prototyping

  • User Testing

  • Visual Design Prototypes

The Team and Stakeholders

  • VP of Product

  • Design Director

  • Senior UX Developer 

  • Product Designers (2)

  • McKinsey Consultant Team


  • Web

About Scout RFP

A Leader in Sourcing and Procurement


Scout is a sourcing and supplier engagement platform that provides procurement teams with a streamlined process of managing projects, keeping stakeholders in the loop, and bridging the gap between suppliers and the businesses. Scout provides sourcing and procurement teams with the tools they need to transform their organizations. 


The founders of Scout RPF experienced the woes of sourcing and procurement in previous business ventures and early on began addressing key pain points. This project, Analytics Engine, is a new venture the team has been dreaming about tackling since the beginning.

Project Overview





Prior to joining the team, the discovery phase was conducted and it was learned that there was a need for a tool that would help users collect, analyze, drive down cost and increase savings, and improve communication with the suppliers.


Who Are The Users

Sourcing Managers

(Most Common User Group)

Sourcing managers are constantly looking for ways to save their organization money. A key part of their job is to negotiate with the supplier to drive down the prices per item and ensure they have complete coverage of all the items they are sourcing while building a relationship with the supplier.


Pain Points  

  • Sourcing events can include numerous line items that are challenging to sort through

  • Compare bids from different suppliers side by side

  • Find and mark outliers

  • Provide the supplier with feedback



McKinsey & Company

(Advanced User Group, Stakeholders and User Group)

This project is unique in that we have two unique user sets that we are trying to design for. The first is a consultancy group that is considered our key stakeholder and our power users. The second is our regular customer base.  


Pain Points  

  • The teams work on large projects that can include thousands of line items​ that need sorting

  • Compare bids from different suppliers side by side

  • Find and mark outliers

  • Provide the supplier with feedback​

Example of Advanced User Worksheet

Cookies and Crackers Data Set Example of

The teams at McKinsey will commonly see worksheets with several sections + hundreds of line items. This was an example they provided the team to help better understand their current process.

Original Scout RFP Worksheet Experience


A key goal of redesigning the worksheet as part of this overall initiative is to make it easier to use and also more familiar to our users who are coming from other applications such as Excel and Google Sheets.

This is the view of the worksheet for both the buyer and the supplier

User Testing

We conducted several pilot group runs remotely with the advanced user group (McKinsey & Company) as they are our power users and will be using all aspects of the tool. In order to make sure that our more common user group is also able to get the most out of the new analytics tool we conducted user tests with
a selected set of current users.

Using Animations to Better Inform the Users

Using Animations to Better
Inform the Users


As the team has built out the recently added design system we have started to also look into micro-animations. I am a huge advocate for bringing in more animations to help better inform the user.

Continuing to Design and Build

Project Outcome


The project is ongoing. This was only the initial phase of the project and there are several phases to be completed after the initial MVP and Pilot launch.





This is a fast moving project and there has been some testing conducted to help validate parts of experience with selected users. However, more testing needs to be done in the future earlier on to help better inform decisions before designs are handed off to the development team.

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