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Kodak Moments


Platform: iOS Native



Fill a memory box full of delight. For a seriously stylish gift, collect their favorite moments and turn them into a treasure they’ll love to display over and over again.



Project Goal


Bring the Moments Box to life with a fun and easy to use builder experience. The user needs to quickly select photos and then be able to view the photos in the builder before adding to cart.

Email sent out after launch of product

In-Context Prototype


Exploring a more "tangible" experience of swapping out the Moments Box tiles and seeing them in context.

Other Explorations

Handoff to Development Team

Using Zeplin, handed off the files and assets and worked with the assigned developer to complete the successful release of the product.

Due to the time constraint, the decision was made to keep to a pattern that was already in place and use a vertical scrolling with small preview tiles.

Live App

Moments Box

Check it out for yourself

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