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Find Bike Parking Near You


Research, UX, Visual Design



  • Competitive Analysis

  • Flow / Wireframes

  • Prototyping

  • High-Fidelity Mockups

Type of Project

  • Personal Project


  • iOS

Project Overview


In California, biking is a common way to commute and provides an alternative means to get around when traffic is at a standstill. This application is based on an observation that there are numerous bike racks that are not clearly marked and are not located in plain sight. The challenge is not only locating these racks but also having the ability to quickly determine which will provide some means of safety when leaving a bicycle locked up. This is especially a challenge in places such as San Francisco, where bikes are regularly stolen.


  • Sketch

  • InVision

Problem Statement


A challenge for any personal mode of transportation is when you get to your destination where do you leave it? When commuting to a new area on a bicycle, it is not always possible to bring the bike into a building, therefore it needs to be locked up on the street. There is no guarantee that there is a bike rack near the location you are commuting to and many times they are hidden around corners a difficult to locate.




I believe that by providing a platform to share bike rack locations with ratings, cyclists can quickly determine where they should leave their bike and this can be measured by increased user participation.

Competitive Analysis


There are only a few competitors that have applications in the App Store. There are a few options for the Seattle area but very few that are updated for the San Francisco Bay area.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 9.40.23 AM.png

Meet Nathan


Nathan's Summary

Nathan's main mode of transportation is his bike. He commutes several times a day and has several destinations he visits, all with different rules about parking bicycles. There is no guarantee when he arrives at a new location that he will find a place to leave his bike. He does not want to waste time searching around the area for a bike rack that he is only leaving his bike at for a short time. He is looking for a way to better plan his commute and have options as to where he can leave his bike.

Nathan's Goals

  • Quickly locate bike racks

  • Find a bike rack that is close by or is located near final destination

  • Compare racks based on ratings

  • Save locations that were not listed on the map

Project Goals

  • Design a crowdsourced biking application

  • Build a community of contributors

  • Create a fun and delightful experience​

  • Make deciding on a rack easy​

Planning the Flow

Setting Up the Style Guide

Hi-Fidelity Prototype



This was a problem space I became aware of when first moving to the Bay Area and wanted to take a stab at tackling it. It was a great way to continue to hone my UX skills and also develop an experience around Material Design standards. I am aware that this project is not where I want it to be. I feel that there is plenty of room for improvement, this provides me with at least a jumping off point for when I want to pick it up again.

Next Steps


Conduct a few more rounds of iterations and test the prototype.

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